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Monday, June 20, 2005

I Am Truly Blessed

Rain drops outside my window
Reminds me how safe and warm I am inside
The strong smell of rain after a hot sunny day
Reminds me that I am still okey

Voices outside my bedroom
Assure me that I am not alone
My sister yelling at me
Reminds that I am loved

The smell of Mummy's cooking in the kitchen
Reminds me that I shall not be hungry
Delicious food on the table
Makes me grateful for all the bountiful blessings
Showered upon me

Music from my radio and Yahoo! Launch
Reminds me that I am rich
Being able to type this poem
Reminds me I am perfect in His eyes

Just being alive is a blessing
Having enough food on the table is a blessing
Having a family who loves me is a blessing
Me able to be just me is a BLESSING

I am indeed truly blessed....


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